30" Bespoke Smart Wall Mount Hood in Clean Grey-(NK30CB600WCGAA)



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  • Our stunning 30" wall mount range hood in stainless steel with Clean Grey panel delivers powerful ventilation, with minimal noise.
  • Conveniently sync the smart range hood with your cooktop via the SmartThings app to make cooking in the kitchen a little easier.
  • Quiet range hood with low-noise at 52dBA.
  • Bespoke range hoods come in multiple finishes allowing you to customize the color of your range hood panel.
Stand out or blend in with Bespoke Design

Available in a variety of Bespoke colors to complement other appliances. Whether you prefer to match, complement or contrast - the choice is yours.

A quiet kitchen with Low Noise (52 dBA)

Cook with minimal noise with a hood that is 25% quieter.

Control your hood with SmartThings / Wi-Fi

Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with SmartThings. Monitor and control the hood anytime, anywhere using the SmartThings App on your smartphone. Also, once your cooktop burner is powered on, the hood automatically turns on. Plus, Smart Energy lets you monitor your hood's energy consumption daily, weekly, or monthly.

630 CFM Pre-programmed to 390 CFM

Reduce cooking odor and smoke quickly with ventilation capability of up to 630 cu. ft. per minute. 5

LED Display & Touch Control

Use the touch of your finger to easily adjust settings on the LED display touch controls.

LED Bar Light

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